Transportation TV

Maine Port Investment Turning into Jobs and Expanding Markets for Local Products

On the Go with AASHTO is a video series that takes you with us as we discover the many ways transportation works in America. In this video we visit Portland Maine—a thriving city with converted warehouses filled with upscale restaurants, taverns and wide range of shops along the Old Port waterfront. It’s there, we also found the International Marine Terminal (IMT) —a multimodal port facility that is putting Portland and entire state on the global map. In interviews with Maine DOT Commissioner David Bernhardt and other local leaders, we learn how investments made to rebuild and modernize IMT attracted the Icelandic steamship company Eimskip. Today imports and exports are increasing along with the potential for new jobs and foreign markets for state and regional manufactured goods and products. On the Go with AASHTO is a production of Transportation TV.