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As More Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Hit the Road What Happens to the Motor Fuel Tax?

​Volvo, has announced that starting in 2019 it will only make fully electric or hybrid cars—a move that some experts predict is another sign of the fading dominance of the internal combustion engine. Keeping the nation’s vast surface transportation network operating safely and efficiently requires a major investment—but as more alternative-fueled vehicles and higher mileage cars and trucks, hit the road—it will mean less motor-fuel tax revenues for local, state and federal governments.

This AASHTO Transportation TV special report series titled, “Another Way to Pay” explores the Road User Charge (RUC), a mileage-based fee shared by all road users.  Now being explored by several states RUC could be an alternative to the traditional motor-fuel tax. 
Part one of the video series examines America’s underinvestment in surface transportation.  Part two explains how RUC works and part three demonstrates how RUC is being tested and implemented by several states including Oregon and California. The Build America Transportation Investment Center (BATIC) Institute: An AASHTO Center for excellence has created a dedicated webpage containing comprehensive information about RUC programs across the country. Visit the website and watch the entire three part special report, “Another Way to Pay,” to learn how state DOTs are leading the way — studying and in the case of Oregon, implementing a RUC program.