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Proposed a Safety Enhancement Projects at Multiple Locations in Southwest Montana


BOZEMAN, MONTANA (February 13, 2020) — The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) would like to announce and invite the public to comment on the proposed safety enhancements to roadways in southwest Montana.  The project is located in MDT’s Butte District.


The proposed safety enhancements including Linear Delineation (linear reflectorization of concrete barrier and metal guardrails) will be installed at the following locations:





Proposed Improvement


0.000 – 4.500

MT City – E. Helena

Install corridor-wide standard delineation (RP 0.0-4.5). Install panel delineation and S-curve warning signs through Ashgrove curves (RP 1.0 - 1.6). Install curve warning signs for the curve at RP 1.9.


2.500 – 63.500

North of Avon

Install 8" edge line and panel delineation RP 2.5-6.5. 


235.000 – 241.000

Homestake Pass

Oversized warning signs will be added with post-mounted flashers "Slow Moving Vehicles Next 6 Miles." EB sign to be placed near RP 235-236, WB sign to be placed near RP 240-241.


265.000 – 297.000

W of Three Forks

Standard median delineation will be added in areas where it is lacking between RP 265-297.


316.000 – 319.000

Bozeman Hill

Linear delineation will be installed on barrier in curves, EB and WB RP 316.5-318.


257.000 – 261.000

Cardwell Hill

Linear delineation will be installed on barrier in curves, EB and WB from RP 258-260.5. Install a series of 2-3 WB oversized warning signs that alert towing vehicles to the risk of rollovers to be placed near the existing vertical grade warning signs. Install 2 WB curve warning signs, panel delineation and chevrons through curve at RP 257.7.


349.000 – 354.000


Linear delineation will be installed on barrier in curves, EB and WB from RP 349.45-351.745, and EB from 353.06-353.7. 


38.000 – 40.000

N of Big Sky

N of Big Sky- Install "Wildlife Crossing" signs at RP 52.1 NB and 53.8 SB. Install chevrons and w-beam lineal delineation for SB curve at ~RP 53.2.


52.000 – 54.000

S of Big Sky

S of Big Sky- Install panel delineation RP 38.6-39.1. Remove arrow board at RP 39 and replace with chevrons.


5.000 – 8.500


Logan-panel delineation will be added RP 5.6-6.6, warning signs will be installed for curve at RP 8.


0.000 – 6.500


Cottonwood Rd/19th, Bozeman-delineation will be added throughout the corridor (Intersection with Huffine RP 0.0 and extend south to 19th, then east to RP 7.0.) Replace object markers on bridges. Add panel delineation and trim shrubs through slight curves. Cottonwood & 19th intersection: new intersection warning signs will be installed. The following signs will be added oversized WB stop sign, new WB stop ahead sign and new WB double-sided arrow sign. 19th and Fowler/Hyalite intersection: new warning signs. New NB/SB oversized stop signs, new NB/SB stop ahead signs.


4.500 – 5.500


Add retroreflective backplates on signal at Thorpe. Install advance intersection warning signs.


Construction is tentatively planned for 2021 depending on completion of design and availability of funds. New right-of-way and relocation of utilities will be required. MDT staff will contact all potentially affected landowners prior to performing survey work on their land. Staff will again contact landowners prior to construction regarding property acquisition and temporary construction permits.


An important part of properly planning for future projects is partnering with the community. The Montana Department of Transportation welcomes the public to provide ideas and comments on the proposed project. Comments may be submitted online at or in writing to Montana Department of Transportation, Butte office at PO Box 3068, Butte, MT  59702-3068. Please note that comments are for project UPN 9669000.


The public is encouraged to contact Butte District Administrator William Fogarty at (406) 494-9635 or Project Design Engineer Michael S. Grover at (406) 444-4188 for additional information.


Alternative accessible formats of this document will be provided on request. Persons who need an alternative format should contact the Human Resources and Occupational Safety Division, Department of Transportation, 2701 Prospect Avenue, PO Box 201001, Helena, MT 59620. Telephone 406-444-9229. Those using a TTY may call 1(800)335-7592 or through the Montana Relay Service at 711.





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