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NDOT Announces Selection of County Bridge Match Program



January 11, 2019 (Lincoln, Neb.) — Today, the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT)

announced 21 proposals have been selected for funding in the third round of the County Bridge Match

Program (CBMP).  The program was created as a result of the 2016 Transportation Innovation Act (TIA),

signed into law by Governor Pete Ricketts in April of 2016.


Since the passage of the Transportation Innovation Act, the Department of Transportation has worked

with our partners to develop and implement a program that encourages innovation and improves the

overall transportation system,” said NDOT Director Kyle Schneweis.  “We’ve seen the impact of the

program reach beyond the dollar amount of investment.  Through the CBMP, we as a state are getting

smarter and learning to do innovative things to improve the condition of Nebraska’s rural bridges.  Our

partnerships with the counties, and groups like NACO and NACE, have helped us build a program that

will have a lasting impact on rural infrastructure.” 


The CBMP provides funding to counties for the innovative replacement and repair of deficient county

bridges.  The third Request for Proposals (RFP) was announced in October, with $4 million to be

distributed to counties across Nebraska.  Proposals were submitted by 54 counties and included 166



“The County Bridge Match Program is one that I remain excited about because of its ability to make a

difference in our local counties by investing in their infrastructure,” said NDOT Bridge Engineer

Mark Traynowicz.  “Since the program’s inception, we have been able to approve funding for 55 of the 68

counties that have submitted proposals.  Sixty-five proposals have been selected for funding to repair or

replace around 200 bridges.  The program has also spurred and supported innovative best practices that

have been used on some of the additional 163 bridges that have been replaced with county funds.”


The CBMP will fund 55 percent of eligible bridge construction cost with counties providing a 45 percent

match.  The selected proposals include 29 counties and 66 bridges at a total construction cost of

$10.1 million of which $4.12 million is from the CBMP.  The NDOT investment is higher than anticipated

due to projects in the first round coming in under budget.  Savings has been applied to the third round of

awards.  Selected proposals are listed on the NDOT website at:





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