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Reminder: Update Your Subscription When Your Email Address Security Changes

The AASHTO news product editors remind readers that "changes in your company's email address or security systems can disconnect your free subscriptions to our weekly AASHTO Journal newsmagazine and to our Daily Transportation Update."

Both of those free news products are delivered directly to readers through online email lists, and many readers subscribe through their work email systems. But companies sometimes change their entire email addresses, and more often apply periodic security updates that can screen out many types of messages.

Either change, the editors said, can cause readers to lose the news services they rely on, because AASHTO's email delivery system automatically drops a subscriber whose email address generates repeated "bouncebacks" that indicate the address is no longer valid.

"If you have been receiving our AASHTO Journal or Daily Transportation Update and then find it is no longer appearing in your email, please check to make sure your information is current on our online subscription form," said AASHTO Communications Director Lloyd Brown. "You can re-enter your information there, and you can add another email address such as your personal account to make sure you don't miss our news coverage."

And readers who have difficulty activating their subscriptions can contact AASHTO Web Business Manager David Dubov-Flinn at ddubov@aashto.org.

Questions regarding this article may be directed to editor@aashtojournal.org.

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November 17, 2017

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