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AASHTOWare Releases Project Data Analytics Solicitation

AASHTO has released a project proposal for the development of AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics, under the AASHTOWare technical service program, that will enable data-driven decision support and historical data analysis on both web-based and Software-as-a-Service or "SaaS" platforms.

"This is a proposal for development of new production software that will become part of the AASHTOWare Project suite," explained Jan Edwards, AASHTOWare's project director.

"We encourage our members to give very serious consideration to participating in this software development effort as participating will enable existing AASHTOWare Project software users to receive maximum utility from many years of estimation, bid and contracting data that's been collected over the lifecycle of construction projects, and allow better informed decisions to be made in the future," she said.

[Side note: AASHTOWare created the seven-minute video below to explain in more detail its Project Data Analytics offering.]

Edwards added that the AASHTOWare Project Data Analytics proposal plans to leverage the existing web-based AASHTOWare Project unified database, which gives it the ability to perform interactive data analytics using feature sets that are tailored specifically to the highway construction field.  

That will help break down "departmental silos," she pointed out, by using and analyzing all data from the estimate, letting, bids, construction, materials, civil rights and labor. 

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