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NYSERDA Offers ‘Clean Technology’ Grants for Transit Projects

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority is making a $5 million pool of grant money available to fund projects focused on developing "innovative clean transportation technologies" and other "clean" strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or "GHGs" for public transit systems throughout the state. The agency said this grant effort aims to support Gov. Andrew Cuomo's clean energy goal to reduce New York state's GHG emissions 40 percent by 2030.

NYSERDA said it will award grants as part of a "two-step competitive process."

First, applicants must submit concept papers focusing on new or underutilized solutions that can help transit agencies make tangible improvements to bus and rail operations while achieving energy savings using one of three strategies: reducing traction power energy use; increasing the efficiency of transit buses; or developing new hardware and software technologies that improve transit agency operations and ridership statewide.

071318NYSERDA.jpgSecond, any concept papers submitted to obtain grant funding through this program must be for technical feasibility studies, new product development, or demonstration of technologies and business models, and will be accepted through August 7 this year. All proposed projects should be economically viable, replicable, and relevant to transit agencies in New York, the agency said.

NYSERDA noted that the ultimate goal of proposals selected to receive funding through this fund is to make transit systems more efficient, reduce transit agency expenses, and lower GHG emissions by increasing transit ridership, reducing fuel consumption among buses, and decreasing the amount of electricity required to power trains.

The monies for these grants comes from New York's $5.3 billion Clean Energy Fund. In total, $18.5 million will be made available in multiple rounds of funding for projects to increase efficiency in public transit systems through 2022, NYSERDA added.

More information about this funding is available via the agency's website.

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