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New Faces Join MTAP Steering Committee

The Steering Committee for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials' Multi-State Transit Technical Assistance Program is welcoming two new members following elections held back in June, with three others winning re-election:

  • Debbie Collins, public transportation director with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, and Jennifer DeBruhl, chief of public transportation with the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, are the steering committee's new members;
  • David Harris, director of the transit and rail division for New Mexico Department of Transportation, won re-election to serve as MTAP's chair for a second term;
  • Don Chartock, project delivery manager for the Washington Department of Transportation, is MTAP's new vice chair, having served almost two terms as a member of the steering committee;
  • Shirley Wilson, director of the public transit division with the Mississippi Department of Transportation, won re-election to a second three-year term.

"It is a privilege to lead this committee and work with all of the professionals at the state DOT transit offices throughout the country," Harris, MTAP's chair, told the AASHTO Journal via email.


[Pictured clockwise starting top left: Don Chartock, Debbie Collins, Jennifer Debruhl, Shirley Wilson, and Dave Harris.]

"I want to continue the momentum of getting the next generation of state DOT transit professionals involved in MTAP and the Council on Public Transportation, and build upon the partnerships we have with other national organizations, as well as further cementing our solid relationship with Federal Transit Administration," Harris said.

AASHTO added that the MTAP chair and vice chair can each serve a maximum of two, two-year terms, while each steering committee member can serve a maximum of two, three-year terms.

Overall, the organization noted that the MTAP's steering committee is responsible for several duties, including: providing guidance on priority needs in the areas of national technical assistance projects, product development, and peer-to-peer information exchange; plus communicating/working with FTA and Council on Public Transportation regarding public and specialized transportation initiatives, program changes and policy guidelines.

Harris said that three issues he hopes to focus the MTAP steering committee upon during his second term include transit asset management or "TAM" strategies, maintaining rural public transit's "astonishing" safety protocols record, plus environmental and administrative streamlining efforts.

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