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Sierra Club Survey says Voters Support Electric Vehicles, Transit, Biking, and Walking

A so-called "regional survey" conducted by the Sierra Club among voters in 11 states across the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and the District of Columbia finds that three in four or 74 percent of those polled support moving forward with "regional transportation modernization plans" that invest in electric vehicles, public transportation, and "safer communities" for walking and biking.

That includes majorities of Democrat (81 percent), independent (69 percent), and Republican voters (67 percent), the environmental group said.

The Transportation Modernization Survey, carried out for the Sierra Club by Public Policy Polling, included oversamples that "deep-dive" into voters' opinions in New York State, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware and Maryland.

070618bus.jpgRegionally, about seven in 10 voters (71 percent) in those states also said they support "taking action" to reduce air pollution from cars and trucks by relying more on fuel-efficient vehicles, electric cars and trucks, mass transit, and other public transportation options.

State DOTs are already pursuing many of those options both inside and outside of the region surveyed by the Sierra Club.

One example is the recent Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Green Line Extension or "GLX" light rail project, which just received $225 million in federal grant money.

The project – expected to be fully completed by January 2022 – includes seven new light rail stations, replacement or rehabilitation of eight bridges, and a new pedestrian/bike path.

The GLX – which will serve about 75,000 residents – is expected to generate approximately 40,000 new transit trips a day, improving access to jobs and opportunities in Boston as well as the communities of Somerville and Medford, home to Tufts University.

Photo: WMATA

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