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CARB Approves 10-Year, $423M Clean Transport Plan

The California Air Resources Board signed off on a decade-long "clean technology" plan back on May 25 funded by $423 million given to the agency via the National VW Environmental Trust, which is funded by a settlement made between German automaker Volkswagen, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and CARB.

The agency said it plans to invest that $423 million primarily in zero-emission replacement units for heavy duty trucks, buses, aCarbLogo.pngnd equipment. There is also money to reduce emissions at freight facilities and marine projects, while fostering light-duty electric vehicle charging stations, CARB said.

Senate Bill 92, passed last year, also requires that a minimum of 35 percent of the mitigation investment must benefit "disadvantaged communities." Thus CARB said its plan invests about 50 percent of its $423 million in such communities.

In terms of specific investments in certain types of vehicles, CARB said it plans to spend:

  • $130 million for zero emission shuttle buses, school buses and transit projects;
  • $90 million for zero emission heavy duty freight and drayage trucks;
  • $70 million for zero emission port equipment and marine projects;
  • $60 million for combustion port equipment and marine projects;
  • $10 million for light duty vehicle infrastructure;
  • $63 million to form a reserve fund.

The plan will be submitted to the environmental fund's trustee before the first actual withdrawal is made from the trust fund, CARB added.

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