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BATIC Institute Webinar Examines Road User Charge Programs

​To provide state departments of transportation and other interested parties insights into road user charges (RUC) and how to create a user-based alternative revenue mechanism for surface transportation funding, the BATIC Institute is holding a webinar on May 14 to highlight the collaboration, leadership, and public education states have successfully employed to date to execute RUC pilot programs.

Speakers will include Norma Ortega, vice chair of the Mileage Based User Fee Alliance (MBUFA) and the chief financial officer for the Cabatic.pnglifornia Department of Transportation; Carlos Braceras, Director of the Utah department of transportation and chair of the Western Road Usage Charge Consortium; and Patricia Hendren, executive director of the I-95 Corridor Coalition.

Angela Jacobs, the Federal Highway Administration's program manager for the agency's surface transportation system funding alternative grants initiative, will also be on hand to provide an update on that program's current status and activities.

The webinar is free and will be available on the BATIC Institute's website at typically within 24 hours.

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