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AASHTO Program Offers Discount Options for Individuals, Groups to Prepay Training Costs

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, through its Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council or TC3, is for the first time offering non-members subscription prepaid training options. 

As an AASHTO value-added "technical service program," 38 state departments of transportation voluntarily support TC3 financially, and that direct participation provides their employees with unlimited access to its online training modules at no additional charge.

dollarpump.jpgKeith Platte, the association's associate program director for project delivery who is staff liaison to TC3, said it is targeting the new prepaid payment options at non-member agencies or transportation industry firms that may have many employees who could benefit from TC3 courses.

"Prior to these subscription options, each person from non-state-DOT agencies would have to purchase courses individually," he said. "With the prepaid subscriptions, those agencies or companies now can benefit by buying these options for multiple employees together and at a lower cost per person."   

Here is the program's full course catalog.

AASHTO members that do not already participate in TC3 may purchase courses at $25 per course hour for individuals. TC3 charges individuals from nonmember agencies or companies – such as contractors, consultants, municipalities and local transportation agencies – $50 per hour.

But, Platte said, "with the subscription prepaid options, those wanting to take TC3 courses can cut their hourly rate cost based on how much they pay in advance."

For instance, a person prepaying for 50 course hours – which might cover 20 full courses or more – would wind up paying $40 an hour, while a user prepaying for 100 hours would see the per-hour cost fall to $35. There is an additional 200-hour option, allowing a purchaser to lock in a $30-per-hour rate for as long as it takes to use up the prepaid training block.

"For agencies with multiple employees who would benefit from a number of the TC3 courses," Platte explained, "an agency or company might instead prefer purchasing annual subscriptions that provide a specific number of users unlimited course access within that year." Under that option, for example, five users would share a total cost of $3,000 or $600 per person, but use it for as many courses as they choose to work through. That offer also includes pricing for groups of 10 and 20 users.

In addition, besides offering the reduced-rate prepaid options, TC3 is offering a free course through April on "Guardrail Series: Installation and Inspection of New Guardrails."

That two-module course generates 2.5 professional development hours, and is the second installment in a course series that includes titles on "Guardrail Basics" and "Guardrail Maintenance and Repair."

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