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Kansas DOT Awards $4M to 26 Airport Improvement Projects

The Kansas Department of Transportation said it is providing about $4 million this year to help 26 airports through its Kansas Airport Improvement Program to repair or improve facilities and enhance air ambulance access.

dollarpump.jpgThat program, managed by the department's Division of Aviation, provides between 50 and 95 percent of project costs – depending on the category – with the rest covered by airport sponsors. KDOT said the combined total value of the approved projects is estimated at $4.45 million, but that it considered 123 applications for projects totaling $31.7 million.  

Transportation Secretary Richard Carlson said: "These projects will help us make critical air services available to more Kansans all across the state. Improvements currently under way at rural airports will help ensure that 93 percent of our population has air ambulance access."

"The aviation industry and general aviation are key economic engines in the state of Kansas," said KDOT Director of Aviation Merrill Atwater. "The KAIP . . . helps us continue building that growth to maintain aviation as an important part of the Kansas economy, which results in jobs for its residents."

State Aviation Planner Greg Chenoweth said that "the applications we receive each year for KAIP projects are very competitive, indicating the value local officials attach to maintaining and developing their airports. KAIP allows us to advance the effectiveness of our airport system on a state-wide basis."

The press release lists each project covered in the latest awards. They range from $7,200 for airport pavement maintenance and repair at Rose Hill to $1.08 million toward grading and drainage for a new airport at Greenburg.

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