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President Names Chairs for Dozens of Councils, Committees Under Major Restructuring

Association President David Bernhardt announced a sweeping set of appointments to chair committees and modal policy councils, in a major step toward implementing the biggest changes in decades in how AASHTO members participate in its expert panel deliberations. 

The appointments follow action last November by the AASHTO Board of Directors to adopt an extensive revamping of its topic-focused targeted committees.

Its dozens of committees and other panels use the expertise of hundreds of officials from the 52 member state departments of transportation in setting policies on national issues and technical standards that guide infrastructure projects across the country.

Bernhardt, the Maine DOT commissioner who began his 2016-17 term as AASHTO's president at the annual meeting in November, has made implementing that change in AASHTO's structure one of his main focus areas.

capitol0816.jpgThe board action is creating some major new panels and eliminating others, so the membership of many AASHTO groups will shift in the coming year.

But a key early step was deciding who will chair the various panels.

Bernhardt as president already chairs the board's Executive Committee, and Tennessee DOT Commissioner John Schroer as AASHTO vice president will chair the new Strategic Management Committee.

Schroer will also chair the Transportation Policy Forum that oversees six new modal councils and three special committees.

In addition, the new structure includes separate committees targeting aspects of project delivery and operations, agency administration and cross-discipline or enterprise topics.

Following is the list of new chairs and the positions they hold at their state agency.

Councils and special committees
-Active Transportation Council: Leslie Richards, secretary, Pennsylvania
-Aviation Council: Marc Luiken, commissioner, Alaska
-Highways and Streets Council: Kirk Steudle, director, Michigan
-Public Transportation Council: Charles Zelle, commissioner, Minnesota
-Rail Council: James Redeker, commissioner, Connecticut
-Water Transportation Council: Shawn Wilson, secretary, Louisiana
-Special Committee on Freight: Roger Millar, secretary, Washington
-Special Committee on Research and Innovation: Brian Ness, director, Idaho
-Special Committee on AASHTOWare: Michael Bousliman, chief information officer, Montana

-Committee on Agency Administration: Michael Patterson, executive director, Oklahoma
-Committee on Civil Rights: Grindley Johnson, deputy secretary, Virginia
-Committee on Human Resources: Emily Elliott, HR Director, Virginia
-Committee on Internal and External Audit: Daniel Kahnke, audit director, Minnesota
-Committee on Planning: Scott Bennett, director, Arkansas
-Committee on Environment and Sustainability: Matthew Garrett, director, Oregon
-Committee on Design: Carlos Braceras, executive director, Utah
-Committee on Bridges and Structures: Gregg Fredrick, chief engineer, Wyoming
-Committee on Traffic Engineering: Mike Holder, chief engineer, North Carolina
-Committee on Right of Way and Utilities: Randy Park, project development director, Utah
-Committee on Materials and Pavements: Moe Jamshidi, deputy director for operations, Nebraska
-Committee on Construction: Malcolm Dougherty, director, California
-Committee on Transportation System Operations: Shailen Bhatt, executive director, Colorado
-Committee on Safety: Rudy Malfabon, director, Nevada
-Committee on Communications: Kyle Schneweis, director, Nebraska
-Committee on Performance-Based Management: Russell McMurray, commissioner, Georgia
-Committee on Funding and Finance: Pete Rahn, secretary, Maryland   

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