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President Names PennDOT’s Hedge to Chair Highway Transport Subcommittee

​AASHTO President David Bernhardt has appointed Matthew Hedge of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to a two-year term chairing the association's truck freight-focused Subcommittee on Highway Transport.capitol0816.jpg

That panel's website says it "addresses all policy, regulatory, safety and enforcement issues impacting the ability of states to develop and maintain their interstate, national and state highway segments of an efficient national freight transportation network."

It is also the highways modal lead under the association's current committee structure for the AASHTO Freight Transportation Network and Special Committee on Intermodal Transportation and Economic Expansion.

Hedge, who is also the northeastern regional chair on the subcommittee, has been PennDOT's special hauling permit manager for the last six years, in charge of facilitating oversized and overweight cargo movements in Pennsylvania. In addition, he oversees its automated permit routing analysis system and represents PennDOT's position on laws, regulations and policies pertaining to truck freight movement.

His term as subcommittee chair, subject to formal approval by the AASHTO Executive Committee, began March 10 and extends through the association's annual meeting in the autumn of 2019.

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