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TTV Reports on AASHTO-APTA Capitol Hill Briefing on Infrastructure Investment

Transportation TV's video news coverage this week leads with a briefing on Capitol Hill about the nation’s infrastructure investment levels by AASHTO Executive Director Bud Wright and Michael Melaniphy, president of the American Public Transportation Association.

They described the finding of the recently released AASHTO/APTA "Bottom Line Report" that details the large gap between capital spending on highways and transit – at all levels of government combined – compared with the amounts needed to both maintain current infrastructure and meeting growing demand.

Melaniphy said the report and briefing reflected the importance of transit industry officials joining with highway and bridge people to "talk about transportation as a system. It's so critical that we look at all of this as a system working together" rather than as separate pieces.

They also spelled out what's at stake if Congress and other levels of government do not meet the need.

"This is going to require hard choices and difficult action by the Congress," Wright said, "but I think it boils down to something fairly simple. We have a choice between making the country stronger or making the country weaker. And without this transportation investment taking place we will make the country weaker."

Besides the TTV report, viewers can see the full briefing and question-answer session at the website of the event sponsor, the Environmental and Energy Study Institute.

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