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Mississippi Receives $500,000 in FHWA Funds for Repairs After February Storm

The Federal Highway Administration is sending Mississippi $500,000 in emergency relief funds to reimburse the state for repairs to federal-aid roads damaged by mid-February rainstorms.

A bout of severe winter weather brought heavy rains that "caused extensive erosion to roadway embankments along Interstate 220 in the Jackson area," the FHWA said.

The resulting costs, currently estimated at $1 million, involved work to stabilize and repairing the affected areas "to prevent further damage to Interstate 220 and to ensure the safety of the traveling public," the agency said.

"These emergency funds will help state officials make immediate repairs necessary to restore critical transportation links," said FHWA Deputy Administrator Gregory Nadeau. "We are working closely with MDOT to ensure there is no further damage."

The Department of Transportation sometimes sends "quick-release" funds from that account to help states make repairs in the immediate aftermath of a disaster, and sometimes it disburses emergency aid long after storms or other events occur.

Last month, the DOT sent 26 states and Puerto Rico a total of $232 million to reimburse them for emergency costs for events as far back as 2007.

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