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EPA Funding Will Aid Clean Diesel Projects in Oregon, Washington

The EPA this month awarded more than $1.65 million in grants to replace old diesel-burning engines from transportation equipment in the Pacific Northwest with cleaner-burning newer models.

The agency said that in the Portland, Ore., area it is providing the Columbia Corridor Association with $353,584 for a project in which that group partners with the Pacific Coast Fruit Co.

They will "replace 10 of the company's higher-emitting and inefficient heavy-duty diesel trucks used in goods movement to and from port facilities, warehouses and retail locations," the announcement said, while the company will also scrap two more trucks and "significantly reduce the use of 10 of its other trucks through efficiencies achieved" with the new ones.

epalogo.jpgThe EPA said it expects the project to produce additional benefits due to the early retirement of some older vehicles.

The federal funds will also leverage much larger contributions from the two partners. The EPA said the association and the fruit company "are providing a mandatory match of $938,735" for a total project cost of nearly $1.3 million."

Also in Portland, the EPA is providing $648,097 to the Metropolitan Contractor Improvement Partnership "to scrap and replace seven diesel-powered trucks (five dray trucks and two dump trucks), two loaders and one piece of non-road diesel construction equipment. MCIP will also install diesel particulate filters on two diesel trucks."

The partnership is chipping in $911,715 in matching funds for a total project cost of $1,559,812.

In Seattle, the EPA awarded a grant of $650,000 to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency to reduce diesel emissions from engines on up to eight marine vessels operating in the region.

The local agency, the EPA said, has a project that provides vessel owners with incentives to scrap and replace 12 to 19 old marine engines with newer, more-efficient and lower-emission models on six to eight harbor vessels operating in Puget Sound, Lake Union and Lake Washington.

Combined with a mandatory local match of $891,000, the EPA said the total project cost is $1.541 million.

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